Environmental Research and Mapping Facility

The mission of the Environmental Research and Mapping Facility is to provide 21st Century solutions and sound scientific applications for conservation of critical natural resources throughout the Southeast focusing on geographic information systems applications in land conservation, carbon sequestration and conservation biology.




Born and raised in the Portland, OR area, I’ve consulted with various companies as a freelance designer, specializing in identity design and web design. I love solving problems and creating solutions in every aspect of life. When I’m not designing, I can be found trying out new restaurants and hanging out with my cats.


Drum Coffee

Drum Coffee 

Born to Fitz and The Tantrums Drummer John Wicks and his wife Jenna-this Italian inspired, Missoula-esque espresso bar is a much needed addition to Missoula’s coffee and food scene. It’s an immaculate yet cozy neighborhood coffee shop and bakery with a star-driven backstory. While Wicks is grateful for the attention, his fame shouldn’t overshadow Drum’s focus what’s ultimately most important: its drinks, food, service and atmosphere.

Wicks ensures that Drum Coffee supports the local community by donating a percentage of its sales to renowned charities voted on by its customers. “We choose three local non-profit organizations quarterly,” says Wicks “Each time a customer makes a purchase, he or she may vote for one of the three non-profits we are supporting at that time. We then allocate two percent of sales based on the number of votes each organization receives during the three-month donation period.”